Bye Law Division:-

To ensure enforcement to for provision of security purpose in our community.


Provide Services in the following Bye Laws:-

1. Noise & Nuisance Bye Laws

2. Hoarding & Advertisement Bye Laws

3. Livestock Control Bye Laws


How do I apply or acquire the services:-

Noise or advertisement application permit, she/he make an application for approval, the applicant pay nonrefundable fees:-

Administration fee of P50.00, cost involved the obtaining the services.

Noise permits:- P50.00 for 1 day or more.

Advertisement permits:- 1 – 50 poster is P50.00

51 – 100 poster is P100.00

100 – 200 posters is P150.00


Livestock Control Bye Laws: -

Impounding roaming animal in village and when they are impounded the standard charge is P100.00 and each head of beast cost P10.00.