Roads Division exists to provide services of internal Roads and Drainage infrastructure maintenance and Traffic & Highway Eng. adeptness within the entire Sub District. We provide maintenance services for internal roads with a limit of 5km beyond the village boundaries in the entire sub district.



Mahalapye Sub District have a road network of 665km, 65km being tarred roads and

660 km being Gravel/Earth Roads

Service standards available in the department


Roads Maintenance (5 Days): Roads Maintenance works are attended within in five (5) working days from the day of report. Attending the Report mainly entails ascertaining the nature and extent of maintenance required so that if Plant, Labour & Materials for such maintenance works is available the scope of works done, maintenance can be carried out.


Inspections (1 day): Projects site inspections are done within one (1) day of inspection booking by the contractor.


Debushing (Road reserves and non-designated open spaces) 30cm above ground : Debushing includes the removal of bushes on shoulders, in side drains and the road reserve to maintain safe sight distance, visibility of signs, markers and animals within the road reserve, and to maintain a pleasing appearance of the road side areas. Bush shall be defined as any plant with girth more than 60 mm but less than or equal to 300 mm measured at 300 mm from the ground. Bush clearing shall include removal of stumps and root system to a minimum depth of 500 mm from the ground so as to prevent their re-growth.


How to report for roads maintenance? (Blockages, bush clearing, pothole development)

Blockages, road maintenance; bush clearing, pothole development and other maintenance needs are reported to Roads Division office either telephonically, written form or recipients registering their reports at our office. All reports are captured in the reports register book for attention as per the service standards detailed above.



For all reports, please contact Roads Division Administration Office at 4718646