The most common mining activity in Mahalapye Sub District is sand mining. There is also quarrying as there is one quarry in Tewane. The quarrying site is located outside the residential areas while the sand extraction sites are mostly along the rivers in the sub district. Lobatse clay works is also expected to establish another branch near Mookane village. There is Kalahari Gas Project in Kodibeleng which is a social and environment impact assessment was carried out by the Kalahari Energy T/A Kalahari Gas (Pty) Ltd to explore a methane gas in the Kodibeleng region. There is Mmamabula Energy Project which is located in the south eastern Botswana near Mookane, Dibete, and Mmaphashalala and Pallaroad villages. It aims to provide about 2,5 million tonnes of coal to run a planned power plant. It covers approximately 2,200 square kilometres (220,000 ha). Jindal Botswana (Pty) Ltd had completed Social and Environment Impact Assessment together with explorations.